Marcus Paus

Works with Soloist

    Concerto for Tuba & Orchestra




    Durata: Ca. 20'

    Commissioned by August Schieldrop and the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, with funding from the Norwegian Composer's Fund

  • Voyage
    For Solo Violin & Strings

    Durata: Ca. 10'

    Commissioned for Miriam Helms Ålien by The Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

  • DECAMERON: Concerto Rifugio
    For Solo Guitar & Strings
    • Prelude -

    I. Overture

    II. Cavatina I

    III. Scherzo I

    • Interlude I -

    IV. Nocturne I

    V. Dreamscape

    VI. Nocturne II

    • Interlude II -

    VII. Waltz

    VIII. Scherzo II

    IX. Cavatina II

    • Interlude III -

    X. Finale

    Durata: Ca. 30'

    Commissioned by Petter Richter

  • The Empire Folds
    For Solo Cornet & Brass Band

    Durata: Ca.11'

    Commissioned by Sandefjord Brass Symposium

  • Den hemmelige sommer (the secret summer)
    For mezzosoprano & strings

    Text: André Bjerke (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 4'

    Commissioned by Hardanger Musikkfest for Tora Augestad & TrondheimSolistene

  • Love's Last Rites
    For Solo Violin & strings

    Durata: Ca. 6'

    Commissioned for Henning Kraggerud & NOSO, with funding from the Norwegian Arts Council

  • Concerto for Timpani & Orchestra

    I. Overture

    II. Nocturne

    III. Finale

    Durata: Ca. 15'

    (Commissioned by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra for their 250th anniversary)

  • The Beauty That Still Remains

    For Girls' Choir (S,A) & Accordion

    Libretto by the composer, based on texts from "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank

    Durata: Ca. 40'

    (Commissioned for the Norwegian Girls' Choir and Frode Haltli, with funds from the Norwegian Arts Council)

  • Dies Irae
    for narrator, solo alto saxophone, solo soprano, solo percussion, organ & satb
    • I. Prelude
    • II. Dies Irae
    • III. Interlude I
    • IV. Tuba mirum
    • V. Interlude II
    • VI. Quid sum miser
    • VII. Interlude III
    • VIII. Confutatis
    • IX. Interlude IV
    • X. Lacrimosa & Postlude

    Text : Heidi Køhn (in Norwegian)

    Durata : Ca. 50'

    • (Commissioned by Heidi Køhn, with funding from the norwegian composers' fund)
  • Hate Songs
    for mezzosoprano & orchestra
    • Cadenza I
    • I. Men
    • Cadenza II
    • II. Incurable
    • Cadenza III
    • III. Frustration

    Text : Dorothy Parker (in English)

    Durata: Ca. 16'

    • (commissioned by Tora Augestad)
  • A Portrait of Zhou
    (Concertino for Flute & Orchestra)
    • I. Zhou's Theme
    • II. Meditation
    • III. Wudang Dance

    For solo flute, alt.fl./picc, c.ang., 2 hn., 2 perc., hp., strings

    Durata: Ca. 12'

    • (commissioned by Frikar)
  • Upperdog: Concerto for Alto Saxophone & Orchestra
    • I. Prelude
    • II. Nocturne I
    • III. Cavatina
    • IV. Nocturne II
    • V. Finale

    for solo alto saxophone, timp., perc., pno, strings

    Durata : Ca. 25'

    • (commissioned by nordland musikkfestuke for rolf-erik nystrøm)