Marcus Paus

Stage & Opera

  • Frøbarna
    Chamber Opera in One Act
    (2017-18, orch. 2020)

    Libretto: Oda Fiskum (in Norwegian)

    Commissioned by NOSO

    Durata: Ca. 50'

  • Spelet om Christian Frederik

    Lyrics: Hans-Petter Thøgersen

    Book: Paul Åge Johannessen

    For soloists (S,S,T; singing actresses and actor), stage choir (ensemble & extras), choir (SATB), fl./picc, cl./, hn., perc., pno./synth., 2 vn., vla., vc, dbs.

    Durata: Ca. 65'

    (Commissioned by Mossespelet A/S)

  • Eli Sjursdotter
    kammeropera i én akt/chamber opera in one act

    Libretto: Ola Jonsmoen (in Norwegian)

    For three soloists (soprano, tenor, bass), chorus (S, S, Mz trio), clarinet & piano

    Durata : Ca. 45'

    • (commissioned by Vinterfestspill i Bergstaden)
  • Læreren som ikke ble (The Teacher Who Was Not To Be)
    et monodrama fra virkeligheten (a real-life mono drama)

    Libretto: Læreren som ikke ble (The Teacher Who Was Not To Be) (in Norwegian)

    For one soloist (bass) & piano

    Durata : Ca. 8'

  • "8"
    music for the norwegian dance company frikar

    For vn., vla., vc., percussion

    Durata : Ca. 60'

    • (Commissioned by Frikar)
  • Askeladden -Påls versjon (The Ash-Lad -by Pål)
    Opera i tre scener (Opera in Three Scenes)

    Libretto: Ole Paus ( in Norwegian)

    For nine soloists (baritone, tenor, bass, mezzosoprano, soprano, tenor, baritone, 2 coloraturasopranos), children's chorus, men's chorus, fl./picc., ob./c.ang., cl./, bn., hn., perc., hp., pno./cel., strings

    Durata : Ca. 80'

    • (Commissioned by DNO&B)
  • Sangen om Norge (The Song of Norway)
    en valg-opera (an election opera)

    For five soloists (2 sopranos, tenor, baritone, bass), alto saxophone & piano

    Durata : Ca. 18'

    • (commissioned by oslo opera festival)
  • The Canterville Ghost
    for narrator & string quartet

    Text: Oscar Wilde

    Durata : Ca. 45'

    • (commissioned by Oslo Camerata, with funding from the norwegian composers' fund)
  • Heksene (The Witches)
    Opera i én akt (One Act Opera)

    Libretto: Ole Paus (in Norwegian)

    For six soloists (soprano, alto, mezzosoprano, coloraturasoprano, baritone, spoken role), women's chorus (including solo trio), fl., ob., cl., bn., perc., pno., 2 vn., vla., vc., dbs.

    Durata : Ca. 80'

    • (Commissioned by Gloppen Musikkfest, with funding from the norwegian arts counsil)
  • Both Your Houses
    Incidental music for the tact production

    for trumpet & piano

    Durata : Ca. 35'

  • must it matter?
    an opera pageant

    Libretto devised by the composer from the world's national anthems

    • for two soloists (tenor, baritone), children's chorus, dancer, alto saxophone, piano, 2 vn., vla., vc., dbs.

    Durata : Ca. 50'

    • (commissioned by cool opera)
  • R.U.R
    Incidental music for the tact production

    for horn, synthesizer & piano

    Durata : Ca. 45'