Marcus Paus


  • A Blessing
    For SSAA A Cappella

    Text: Siegfried Sassoon (in English)

    Durata: Ca. 1' 30''

  • Den som faller (The One Who Falls)
    For SSAA a cappella

    Text: Cornelius Jakhelln (in Norwegian)

    Commissioned by Det Norske Jentekor

    Durata: Ca. 3'

  • The Child at the Window
    For SSAA a cappella

    Text: Siegfried Sassoon (in English)

    Durata: Ca. 3' 30''

  • Det er den draumen
    For SSAA A Cappella

    Text: Olav H. Hauge (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 3'

    Commissioned by The Norwegian Girls'Choir

  • No Search, No Rescue
    For SATB a cappella

    I. Prologue - Misrata,Libya

    II. Augusta,Italy

    III. Alexandria,Egypt - Epilogue

    Text:Jehan Bseiso (in English)

    Durata:Ca. 10'

    (Commissioned by Ung i Kor for Yuval Weinberg & The Norwegian National Youth Choir, with funding from The Norwegian Composer's Fund)

  • Vreidedagen, han skal renna (The Day of Wrath Shall Come)
    For SATB a cappella

    Text: Thomas of Celano (Anders Hovden/Ragnhild Foss) (in Norwegian)


    (Commissioned by Uranienborg Vokalensemble)

  • Fritt er det land (Free is the Land)
    For TTBB a Cappella

    Text: Ole Paus (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 2'

    (Commissioned by Det Norske Selskab, with funds from the Norwegian Composer's Fund)

  • The Beauty That Still Remains

    For Girls' Choir (S,A) & Accordion

    Libretto by the composer, based on texts from "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank

    Durata: Ca. 40'

    (Commissioned for the Norwegian Girls' Choir and Frode Haltli, with funds from the Norwegian Arts Council)

  • Dies Irae
    for narrator, solo alto saxophone, solo soprano, solo percussion, organ & satb
    • I. Prelude
    • II. Dies Irae
    • III. Interlude I
    • IV. Tuba mirum
    • V. Interlude II
    • VI. Quid sum miser
    • VII. Interlude III
    • VIII. Confutatis
    • IX. Interlude IV
    • X. Lacrimosa & Postlude

    Text : Heidi Køhn (in Norwegian)

    Durata : Ca. 50'

    • (Commissioned by Heidi Køhn, with funding from the norwegian composers' fund)
  • And Now Abide
    for SSAA a cappella

    Durata : Ca. 3' 30''

    • (commissioned by Det Norske Jentekor)
  • Mitt hjem er hos deg
    for SATB a cappella

    Text : Hilde Lindset

    Durata : Ca. 4'30''

  • The Stolen Child
    for string quartet & satb
    • Text: W. B. Yeats (in English)

    • Durata : Ca. 11'

    • (commissioned by Ensemble 96)