Marcus Paus


  • Trisyn
    For voice (bass) & piano

    I. No er det Jihad igjen (It's Jihad time again)

    II. Toteninsel

    III. Tvisyn (Twisight)

    Text: Cornelius Jakhelln (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 8'

  • Etterspill: Evighetens blikk (Afterplay: Eternity's Gaze)
    for voice (bass), piano, harp and treble voice(s)

    Text: Ole Paus (in Norwegian)





    Durata: Ca. 25'

    (Commissioned by Misk, with funds from the Norwegian Composer's Fund)

  • Inventory
    For solo voice (soprano)

    Durata: Ca.1'

    Text: Dorothy Parker (in English)

  • Som før (As Before)
    for mezzosoprano, tenor & piano

    I. Dessverre

    II. Vårt

    III. Hun

    IV. Vi

    Text: Hilde Lindset (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 12'

    (Commissioned by Josefine Visefestival 2015)

  • Theory
    for solo voice (mezzosoprano)

    Text: Dorothy Parker (in English)

    Durata: Ca. 1' 30''

  • Requiem
    for voice (bass) & piano

    text: Ole Paus (in norwegian)

    Commissioned by MiSK

    Durata: ca.30'

    I. Introitus

    II. Graduale

    III. Dies Irae

    IV. Offertorium

    V. Agnus Dei

    VI. Libera Me

    VII. In Paradisum

  • Two Madrigals
    for SSA trio a cappella
    • I.
    • II.

    Text : Johan Falkberget, Ola Jonsmoen (in Norwegian)

    Durata : Ca. 8'

    • (written for Trio Mediæval)
  • Hate Songs
    for mezzosoprano & orchestra
    • Cadenza I
    • I. Men
    • Cadenza II
    • II. Incurable
    • Cadenza III
    • III. Frustration

    Text : Dorothy Parker (in English)

    Durata: Ca. 16'

    • (commissioned by Tora Augestad)
  • Læreren som ikke ble (The Teacher Who Was Not To Be)
    et monodrama fra virkeligheten (a real-life mono drama)

    Libretto: Læreren som ikke ble (The Teacher Who Was Not To Be) (in Norwegian)

    For one soloist (bass) & piano

    Durata : Ca. 8'

  • Tre Skuffelser (Three Disappointments)
    for voice (soprano) & piano
    • I. Du
    • II. Oss
    • III. Nok!

    Text: Hilde Lindset (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 10'

    • (commissioned by Josefine Viseklubb, with funding from the norwegian composers' fund)
  • Resumé
    for voice (soprano) & piano

    Text : Dorothy Parker (in English)

    Durata : Ca. 1' 30''

  • Hold min hånd
    for voice (soprano) & piano

    Text : André Bjerke (in Norwegian)

    Durata : Ca. 3'