Marcus Paus


  • Intrada
    For Solo oboe

    Durata: Ca 2'

  • Kleiberg Variations
    For Solo Piano

    For Ståle Kleiberg's 60th Birthday

    Durata:Ca. 2'

  • Mathias' sang (Mathias' song)
    For Solo Piano

    Durata: Ca. 2'

  • Sarabande
    For Solo Clavichord

    Durata: Ca.2'

  • Stetind
    For Solo F Horn

    Durata: Ca. 4'

  • Alone
    For Solo Cello

    Durata: Ca. 3'

    (Commissioned by Hanne Rivrud for her film "Scenes for Men - Or the Sound of Their Solitude", with funding from The Norwegian Composer's Fund)

  • September Lines
    For Solo clarinet




    Durata: Ca. 6'

    For Solo clarinet

    I. Prelude

    II. Fantasia

    III. Finale

    Durata: Ca.8'

  • Christiania, 1899
    For Solo piano

    Durata: Ca. 4'

  • Elegy
    For solo alto recorder (or oboe)

    Durata: Ca. 3'

  • Hauntings
    For solo flute

    I. A Warning to the Curious

    II. Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad

    III. After Dark in the Playing Fields

    Durata: Ca. 10'

  • Lux Mundi
    For solo organ

    I. Prelude: "Nox Mirabilis"

    II. Servant & Vessel

    III. Noël

    IV. A Dove Descended

    V. Temptations

    VI. Bread & Chalice

    VII. The Heavenly Host

    VIII. Pentecost (The Upper Room)

    IX. The Healing Hour

    X. Men of Faith

    XI. A Mighty Fortress

    XII. Finale: Lux Mundi

    Durata: Ca. 45'

    (Commissioned for Kåre Nordstoga by the Oslo International Church Music Festival)